Guerilla Marketing – an Alternative Marketing Strategy!

39927eef9a2a35c2c04815c1cc47a4a2Bounty Guerilla Marketing Campaign (Click for source)

Let’s have a look at some alternative marketing strategies. One of them is Guerilla Marketing…so what does this mean?

‘Guerilla Marketing is the art of attracting the highest possible attention with the help of unconventional or original marketing outside the classic marketing channels.’

Jay Conrad Levinson, the forefather of Guerilla Marketing said:

“Guerilla Marketing is a body of unconventional ways of pursuing conventional goals. It is a proven method of achieving profits with minimum money.”

Guerilla marketing activities occur in real existing places that are of strategic interest and are staged. These places can either be a meeting point for a lot of people, interesting or having a special meaning for the specific target group or they can be interesting or spectacular for the media. The catalyzer for these marketing activities is the press and media who will spread the word. Guerilla marketing events are unique and are mostly performed in only one or a few places to assure that they are perceived as extraordinary and exceptional events. The goal is to fascinate and surprise the audience as well as to offer something special.

If this goal is achieved, advertisement is no longer perceived as a troublemaker but rather as a real experience that you will talk about with others.

Check out the following Guerilla marketing campaigns…

Walking on a red carpet is a fun experience for sure – especially when it looks real like here! You might even feel a little special although it is fake. Nevertheless, it will stay in your mind and you will tell your friends about it later.
Fitness First (Click for source)
Just imagine you are waiting for the bus and then a digital bus poster shows your weight to remind you that you should do some sports. Funny idea but maybe not everyone wants to be confronted with his or her weight.
Discovery Channel (Click for source)
This is definitely a funny eye-catcher!
This is a good idea to increase awareness and to raise funds. By showing people how the water looks like that people in different parts of the world need to drink, people can experience the situation from their point of views and walk around their shoes – even if it’s only for a little bit.
It is a smart way to remind children to brush their teeth after eating this delicious ice-cream. This way is not too adult style in term of you have to brush your teeth now but rather encouraging to do it.
Copenhagen Zoo (Click for source)
Pretend like you a walking along the side walk and you see such a bus passing by. It looks incredibly real and would raise interest in visiting the Copenhagen Zoo – for sure mine!
Like the slogan says…it is a smart idea and at the same time pretty useful.
Wolverine 2 (Click for source)
In my opinion this is a great idea. This poster was redesigned by a street artist in NYC, called ‘Poster boy‘!
These are just a few examples but their are tons of Guerilla marketing examples. Just type in ‘bag marketing’ in Google pictures for example and see what search results you get!
Especially the increasing use of social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook advocate the use of Guerilla marketing and enhance its effect. People are astonished, surprised, shocked and intrigued about the Guerilla marketing experience and they share this experience with others via word of mouth or social media. This is definitely a way to attract attention and make sure that a brand, a product or service stays in people’s mind. It is something special, something different and a welcoming change to the tradional advertisments we are exposed to every day!
What do you think about this alternative marketing strategy? Have you ever experienced a Guerilla marketing event yourself?
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One thought on “Guerilla Marketing – an Alternative Marketing Strategy!

  1. The brain isn´t able to remember all the different stimuli around us. So in my opinion it´s necessary to use unique techniques like guerilla marketing to stay “rememberable”.

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